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Bank of Finland policy on blog comments

The Bank of Finland blog publishes readers’ comments that relate to the topic of the blog and adhere to good practice and the blog comment policy. 

The blog is maintained and administered by Bank of Finland Communications, email: blogit(at) 

Readers can comment on blog posts using the commenting service Disqus. The Bank of Finland takes no responsibility for the maintenance or availability of Disqus. The terms and policies of Disqus are available (in English) on the service’s website.

All comments will be checked before they are published. Moderating occurs on working days during regular business hours. Comments are not edited: they will either be posted as such or not at all. A comment that has been published may be removed later, if the need should arise.

Unlawful comments and comments that are inappropriate or contrary to good practice will not be published.

Please note that you are responsible for the content and validity of your comment. Comments are accepted in the language in which the blog is written. Please note also that your comment must be understandable and written by yourself.

You may make free use of the information obtained from the blog, provided the Bank of Finland blog is cited as the source.

 A comment may not be published or can be deleted for following reasons: 

a) The comment is unlawful. 


  • defamatory remarks
  • dissemination of information violating personal privacy
  • disclosure of information which should be kept secret
  • agitation against an ethnic group
  • incitement to an offence. 

All the unlawful acts are defined in Finnish law. 

b) The comment is inappropriate. 


  • swearing or vulgar language
  • links to irrelevant content elsewhere on the Internet which does not support the topic of the discussion or is otherwise inappropriate.

 Inappropriateness is determined on a comment-by-comment basis. Comments written with inappropriate usernames will not be published.

 c) The comment is abusive.


  • offensive remarks against a person
  • offensive remarks against a group of persons. 

d) The comment is off topic.


  • comment unrelated to topic under discussion.

 Also, comments will not be published if they contain

  • commercial messages
  • messages containing personal data or contact details of any private individual.

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